People are starting to pay for unlimited coffee memberships


Fair Folks & a goat

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Fair Folks & a Goat is a membership coffee shop in New York City.

Would you buy a $25 monthly membership for unlimited coffee?

Fair Folks & a Goat is a members-only café that doubles as a retail store. It has locations in New York City's Greenwich Village and East Village neighborhoods.

For $25 a month, customers can enjoy unlimited coffee, espresso, lattes, tea, and lemonade.


Those who purchase a membership receive 10% off all retail items in the store, as well as access to events and music performances hosted by Fair Folks & a Goat.

The shop is known for its funky atmosphere and enthusiastic employees. There is no menu posted; instead, baristas list off the items.

Nonmembers can still purchase drinks for regular prices.


The membership fee has drawn in many regular customers since the store's opening in 2012.

The store is nearing 1,000 members, with a daily average addition of seven members, according to The New York Times. A portion of each membership fee goes to charity.

The owners are Anthony and Aurora Mazzei, who previously owned a bed and breakfast in New Orleans.


This isn't the first time membership coffee has popped up.


CUPS website

CUPS app allows users to pay a select membership fee to receive coffee at certain locations in your area.

An app called CUPS allows users to pay $18 for five cups, $51 for 15 cups, and $120 for unlimited cups of all drink options at all CUPS locations in New York.


Users find a CUPS shop on a map provided by the app, and once the membership is purchased, users go to the coffee shop and use the app to get their coffee that is included in the membership. 

As for Fair Folks & a Goat, customers can use their membership at that specific location only.

Check out some photos from its Instagram:


Fair Folks & a Goat baristas are energetic and create a fun experience for customers.


Here's some of the jewelry for sale in the store:

The shop provides a hang-out or study spot and free Wi-Fi.


Can't miss the exterior of the shop.


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