People Who Work In Tech Say These Are The 10 Best Business Schools In The World


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People in tech say Stanford University is No. 1.

We recently polled 10,000 readers on the World's Best Business Schools, and for the second year in a row, they came back with a clear favorite: Harvard University.


But depending on who you ask, you might get a different answer.

We asked participants to rate the reputation of the graduates from top business schools around the world. We included responses only from professionals who said they had experience hiring MBAs at least half the time, and filtered the data to obtain better geographical balance.

While the Crimson rang in at No. 1 for the second year in a row, even further filtering of the results shows that people who work in the tech industry say otherwise. Stanford University was their top pick, while Harvard ranked second.

That swap wasn't the only variation in the data. While most of the top 10 remained intact, Dartmouth College fell off the list. University of California - Berkeley, which was ranked 12th originally, leapt forward to No. 9.


Here are the 10 best business schools according to people working in tech:

1. Stanford University

2. Harvard University

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

4. University of Pennsylvania

5. University of Chicago


6. Northwestern University

7. Columbia University

8. London School of Economics

9. University of California - Berkeley

10. London School of Business