People Who Work In Tech Say These Are The 10 Best Colleges In America


We recently released our sixth annual ranking of the Best Colleges in America, and the tech-titan institutions dominated the top 10.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology ended its four-year run at number one, replaced by Stanford University.

For the survey, we asked more than 1,500 readers who have hiring experience to score the country's top colleges based on how well they prepare their students for success after graduation. We used tuition as a tiebreaker, with cheaper tuition pushing a school to a higher spot.

Below, we filtered the responses to include only survey participants who say they work in the technology industry.

There was some minor shuffling in the bottom half. United States Naval Academy and United States Military Academy both inched forward three spots, pushing University of Chicago and University of Pennsylvania off the list and booting Yale to No. 9. University of California - Berkeley leapt from No. 17 on the main list to No. 10.


We also asked readers which college major will help students be most successful after graduation. While the general pool of respondents answered that business is the most helpful, our tech-industry readers said engineering was the most helpful (41%) followed by computer science (31%).

Here are the 10 best colleges according to people working in tech:

1. Stanford University

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

3. California Institute of Technology

4. Princeton University


5. Harvard University

6. Columbia University

7. University States Naval Academy

8. United States Military Academy

9. Yale University


10. University of California - Berkeley