Periscope has been secretly developing an app for the revamped Apple TV


Periscope app

Anthony Quintano/ Flickr

Periscope, the popular live-streaming app owned by Twitter, is developing an app for Apple TV, TechCrunch reports.


The new app will reportedly allow Apple TV users to watch livestreams on their televisions, a functionality that has been available through Periscope's website since June - though not necessarily in the same form. There is no indication that users will actually be able to broadcast from their Apple TV, so these streams will most likely still come from mobile devices.

Reports suggest that Apple is going to announce a revamped Apple TV tomorrow. Rumors are that the company will position the Apple TV as a multimedia entertainment center that includes gaming, and expands the features and capabilities that we expect from a television. This new Periscope app could fit neatly into that agenda.

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Periscope, which sold to Twitter for potentially $120 million before it even launched, has seen incredible growth recently, as shown by this chart:




The company now has over 10 million registered users and sees more than 40 years of video watched per day.

A Periscope app could certainly push a more sophisticated notion of what consumers expect from a living room TV experience, and, if successful, could inspire other "social" takes on the traditional idea of a television "channel."

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