PICTURED: Inside Greece's bleak makeshift refugee camps ahead of new deportation rules




Greece is on the cusp of a predicted spate of riots and violence as the country starts deporting refugees back to Turkey.


On April 4, Greece will be allowed to sent back Syrian refugees to Turkey, which have either not applied for asylum or failed in their claims.

The deal also means that for every Syrian migrant arriving in Greece, one will be sent back to Turkey while one Syrian in Turkey will be resettled in the EU.

In order to enforce the deal, the EU are sending 2,300 officials to help enforce the new agreement. That includes security officials and translators.

Currently, there are around 40,000 allegedly trapped in Greece because Macedonia closed its border with Greece this year. On top of that, migrants are unable to move out of the country until their asylum applications have been processed.


This has led to thousands of refugees setting up bleak makeshift camps in the meantime. However, even this existence - living in tents on abandoned plots of land and scavenging for food - is all set to change once again when Greece starts deporting migrants back to Turkey.