Planning to buy PS4? Don’t be a fool, wait for PS4 pro version!

Planning to buy PS4? Don’t be
a fool, wait for PS4 pro version!The new PS4 Pro is an all the more powerful version of an effectively decent console. We like the PS4 a lot, and the Pro doesn't do anything to diminish that. Nonetheless, it will be a while before we know exactly what that additional horsepower will be used for.

Anybody planning to buy a PlayStation for family now has three options that look fundamentally the same. You have the original PlayStation 4, the new slimmer PlayStation 4 with precisely the same on the crate, and the new PlayStation 4 Pro. It's confusing by anybody's standards, so your most logical option is to recognize what you require before you head into the store.

Why PS4 Pro?

PS4 Pro will surpass the original console in terms of processing power. Sony didn't provide general figures, yet it claimed the new AMD Polaris engineering GPU is more than twice as quick as the PS4.

The fundamental interest of PS4 Pro is the promise of 4K-upscaled experiences and HDR gaming for those with upheld TVs. PS4 Pro is an inconceivably extraordinary beast to the original PS4, which now accompanies a thin, redesigned frame factor.


Fact Sheet

Sony's new console is out this week. It'll run you $400, which is $100 more than a standard PS4. The new console is physically larger than its forerunner, with a bigger hard drive and improved graphics processing power. It works with the same controller, utilizes the same working framework, and above all, plays all the same extraordinary games.

Bottom Line

The PS4 Pro is the one Sony devotees will pick. It won't be sufficient to get all current PS4 proprietors to switch, however it is the line's new leader model and its opposition with Microsoft's Project Scorpio console will be the gaming scene's big clash of 2017.