Please Stop Retweeting This Fake Esurance Account


Last night, Esurance ran a clever commercial, the first one to air post-Super Bowl.


In the commercial, spokesman John Krasinski explains that the company saved $1.5 million by choosing to air its ad after the big game.

As Krasinski eats chips and guacamole off a table made of money, he explains you could win the $1.5 million bucks. All you have to do is tweet #esurancesaves30, and Krasinski will reveal the winner during Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday after the contest's 36-hour period runs out.



You can imagine what happened next.


Tweets poured in. According to Mashable, more than 2.1 million tweets using its hashtag #EsuranceSave30 last night alone, and 200,000 of those tweets came in the first minute.

Now some tweeters are starting to take advantage of the contest, creating fake Esurance Twitter accounts, like this one, @EsuranceMillion, whose first tweet is racking up thousands of retweets:

This account makes very little sense for a lot of reasons. The amount of retweets on your #esurancesaves30 tweet doesn't give you more chances to win, for one. Esurance will probably rule out rewarding a fake Esurance account with $1.5 million dollars, for another.

This account was basically made to trick people into thinking it was the real brand, thus creating somewhat of a "viral" Internet presence for a few hours. It literally does nothing to help the creator's chances, or your chances, of winning the cash.


So if you see this tweet floating around your timeline, don't retweet it. You're only exacerbating the inevitable headache that comes along with social media contests such as this one.

Someone always has to go and ruin all the fun.