PM Modi tells India: I am not Pradhan Mantri, I am your Pradhan Santri

PM Modi tells India: I am not
Pradhan Mantri, I am your Pradhan SantriFrom electricity, to banks to sanitation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not forgo even a minute to enlist achievements of his government, while addressing a massive rally in Mathura city.

As Modi Government completes one year in power, the Prime Minister commemorated celebrations as ‘Jan Kalyan Parv’ and addressed people on how the country had changed since he took charge.

Modi took oath as Prime Minister on May 26, 2014 after his Bharatiya Janata Party won the general elections with 282 seats without allies.
During his poll campaigning, he had promised the common man of ‘acche din’ and a transparent government.

Reiterating the same, Modi said that during his tenure bad days had ended and the era of ‘loot’ had come to an end.

He also took potshots at the Congress party, asking the gathering whether the government of ‘remote control’ and ‘scams’ had ended or not.

While campaigning during the parliamentary elections also, Modi had stated that the Congress party-led government were looting the nation and BJP would bring an era of clean politics and a change would be visible.

Modi, who has always presented himself as Prime Servant of the country, said last year was about coal scams but this year was the time for coal auctions.

He also went on to say that people who looted the nation, bad days had come for them.

“I did not guarantee good days for those who looted the country, worse days will come for them,” Modi said.

Meanwhile, he also enlisted a number of initiatives taken by his government such as opening bank accounts, soil cards for farmers, giving subsidy and even boosting tourism.

Although Modi said his government was pro-poor, it is yet to see whether he will be able to fulfil his pledge to provide electricity to farmers in next five years or not.

(Image: Reuters)