Ghislaine Maxwell's lawyers are upset that media outlets keep talking about the accused sex-trafficker's sex life

Ghislaine Maxwell's lawyers are upset that media outlets keep talking about the accused sex-trafficker's sex life
Ghislaine Maxwell in 2013.Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images
  • Ghislaine Maxwell's lawyers are frustrated by widespread reporting on her sex life.
  • Prosecutors have accused Maxwell of sex-trafficking and sexually abusing young girls.
  • Her lawyers say unsealing more of her deposition would give the media details they shouldn't have.

Ghislaine Maxwell's lawyers are annoyed that media outlets have reported on the accused trafficker's sex life, asking a judge to keep evidence related to her criminal case sealed.

In a new filing in the case - where Maxwell faces sex trafficking, sexual abuse, and perjury charges - her lawyers argue the testimony prosecutors seek to unseal is "undeniably private" and should remain under seal.
"Every sentence that is publicly released in this case has been widely publicized, in print, broadcast and online media, both within and without this jurisdiction," the lawyers write in the filing. "Quotations from testimony concerning 'three-way sexual' activity and 'sex toys' 'cater to a "craving for that which is sensational and impure"' rather than serve a legitimate issue of public interest."
Prosecutors have accused Maxwell of acting as the late Jeffrey Epstein's right-hand woman in an alleged sex-trafficking ring of girls between the 1990s and early 2000s, as well as participating in sexual abuse herself.

In the new filing, Maxwell's lawyers bemoan the widespread media coverage of her sex life since a judge unsealed old deposition transcripts from Maxwell and other people in her circle. Maxwell's lawyers ask that Judge Alison Nathan, who is overseeing the case, limit any further unsealing of disposition transcripts.

"The testimony at issue is undeniably private: it relates exclusively to Ms. Maxwell's consensual adult sexual activities involving 'sex toys or devices used in sexual activities' and a 'three-way sexual' encounter involving an adult 'blond and brunette,'" the filing says.

Maxwell's lawyers also take aim at prosecutors for using a pseudonym for an accuser who says Maxwell sexually abused her as a teenager. They say the accuser has given interviews to the New York Times and ABC News, and for a Netflix documentary.

The criminal case, scheduled for trial in July, has involved a long battle over unsealing deposition transcripts from Maxwell. The depositions were taken as part of a civil lawsuit with Virginia Giuffre, who accused both Epstein and Maxwell of sexual misconduct. Prosecutors say Maxwell lied during the depositions, warranting a perjury charge. This week, Nathan granted Maxwell's request to have a separate trial over the perjury accusations.

Nathan has in the past refused some of the prosecutors' requests to unseal parts of the transcripts, ruling they were too "sensational and impure."

In an earlier round of arguments over unsealing, Maxwell's lawyers argued she didn't understand what questioners meant by "sexual activities" during one of the depositions.

"It is entirely unclear how someone may 'be aware of the presence' of these, apparently, spectral objects," the attorneys wrote. "What exactly is a 'device' used in 'sexual activities?' Would bath oil, a tub, or a table qualify?"