SBI Magnetic Stripe Debit Card Can’t Be Used From 1st January: What You Must Do Now

If you are an SBI customer still using the old magnetic stripe debit card, it is time that you update to new card that is based on EMV chip. You can either apply at the home branch for getting a new card or you can use different channels like net banking or SBI's Yono App to apply for the new debit card. Considered as more secure and advanced, the new EMV debit cards of SBI are chip and PIN based.

State Bank of India has announced that it will recall all the old magnetic stripe debit cards and the customers can’t use them for transactions beyond December 31, 2019. The bank has instructed the users to apply for the new debit card based on the advanced EMV technology. Some of the compelling advantages of the EMV chip and PIN based SBI debit cards include guaranteed authenticity, more security and protection against different kinds of frauds, the bank said in a tweet to its customers. Also, it does not cost anything to the customers to update to the new EMV debit card as the bank is giving away the new type of cards free of cost to the account holders once they apply for it through the proper channel.

As per the announcement made by the bank, you cannot use the old magnetic stripe based debit card from January 1, 2020. Hence it is time that the SBI customers update their debit cards to the new ones with immediate effect to be able to avail of the various services and transaction facilities offered by the bank to its account holders. Even if the card says it is valid for some more time, you can’t use them from the start of the New Year.


The present move by the SBI follows the instructions from the Reserve Bank of India. The Reserve Bank has instructed all the banks under its umbrella to replace the old ATM cards with the new EMV chip based cards. EMV can be expanded as Europay, MasterCard and Visa as these three kinds of payment gateways are covered under this scheme.

How to get a new SBI debit card

It is easy to apply for a new card if you are familiar with the net banking app of SBI. Alternatively, you can also use the Yono App of SBI to submit your application or you can also approach the home branch in person to submit your application for a new EMV and PIN based ATM card.


If you incur any charges for the issue of the new card, you can request for a refund at the bank by producing the proof of the charges debited from your account.

Before applying for the new EMV and PIN based debit card, it is very important to check if you have updated any address change if there is one. If you have failed to update your address change, the card will be delivered to the old address which will become a hassle for you. Stating that the card will be sent only to the registered address, the bank said, "Before applying, please ensure that your current address is updated in your account as the card is sent to the registered address only.”