Bihar Lok Sabha Election Result 2019: NDA leaves barely any seats for Congress in the state

Bihar Lok Sabha Election Result 2019: NDA leaves barely any seats for Congress in the state
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar wave at party supporters during an election rally, ahead of the Lok Sabha polls in Muzaffarpur.Photo)(

BiharLeads 40/40
Indian National Congress1

The National Democratic Alliance has won 39 seats in Bihar while the Indian National Congress managed to garner just one seat in the state. The BJP had a 23.6% vote share while the JDU had a 21.8% vote share.

The exit polls predicted a clear win for the Bharatiya Janata Party in Bihar. For the state of Bihar which has 40 Lok Sabha seats, the poll of polls predicted a 34-seat win for the National Democratic Alliance. Bihar’s Chief Minister Nitish Kumar from the Janata Dal political party has an alliance with the NDA.

Business Insider compiled surveys from five reputed sources — Republic-C Voter, News18 - IPSOS, Today's Chanakya, India Today-Axis, and TimesNow - VMR — amongst many others and the final number is an average of these five polls.

Political experts will always point out that dynasty politics is always deep rooted in Bihar. We see a number of examples even this time while we glance through the candidates contesting in the Lok Sabha elections 2019. The results are awaited eagerly to know who the people are favoring this time to rule them from the center. There are 40 Lok Sabha constituencies in the state of Bihar. Among them. Not less than 26 are showing up candidates from highly familiar political families. The electoral battle in the state sees Mishra Bharti, the daughter of Lalu Prasad, Chandrika Rai, son of former chief minister Daroga Rai, Randhir Singh, the son of Prabhunath Singh, Meira Kumar and Kirti Azad, the Congress candidates, and Pashupati Nath Paras, the younger brother of Ram Vilas Paswan.


Kirti Azad is actually the third inheritor from the family of a chief minister. His father is Bhagawat Jha Azad, who was the chief minister of Bihar during late nineteen eighties. The other lesser known inheritors of political families are Akilesh Singh, the grandson of Akhilesh Singh - Congress Rajya Sabha MP and Shashwat Kedar, the grandson of Kedar Pandey, the former chief minister. Ashok Yadav, the contesting candidate for Madhubani for BJP is the son of Hukumdeo Narayan Yadav, the sitting MP of BJP.