Akot, Balapur, Akola West, Akola East, Murtizapur and Risod vidhan sabha candidate names and results for Assembly Elections 2019

Akola Lok Sabha constituency of Maharashtra has six assembly seats including Akot, Balapur, Akola West, Akola East, Murtizapur, and Risod. Among these Vidhan Sabha seats, five are general constituencies while Murtizapur is reserved for SC candidates.

For the upcoming 2019 assembly elections, Sanjay Ramdasji Bodke of the Congress party and Prakash Bharsakale of BJP are contesting in this seat. From Balapur seat, Shiv Sena is fielding Nitin Deshmukh. From Akola East Vivek Ramrao Paraskar of INC and Randhir Sawarkar of BJP are fighting. From Akola West, BJP is fielding Goverdhan Sharma and Harish Pimple will face the elections from Murtizapur on behalf of BJP.

The election commission has said that all the constituencies of Maharashtra will go for polling on the same day on October 21, 2019 and the votes will be counted on October 24, 2019.

The winning candidate in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections from Akola was Dhotre Sanjay Shamrao of the BJP party. The runner up was Patel Hidayat Ulla Barkat Ulla. The BJP candidate secured 203,116 more than the Congress candidate.

In 2014 assembly elections, from Akot seat, Bharsakle Prakash Gunvantrao of BJP won the Congress candidate Gangane Mahesh Sudhakarrao with a vote margin of 31411. From the Balapur seat, BBM’s Baliram Bhagwan Sirskar was elected with a margin of 6939 votes with INC’s Khatib Syed Natiquddin being the runner up. From Akola West, Govardhan Mangilal Sharma of BJP won NCP’s Deshmukh Vijay Pundlikrao with a margin of 39953 votes. From the Akola East seat Savarkar Randhir Pralhadrao of BJP secured 2440 votes more than Bhade Haridas Pandhari of BBM and won the seat. The Murtijapur (SC) constituency was bagged by the BJP candidate Harish Marotiappa Pimple who had a margin of 12888 votes against BBM’s Rahul Shesharao Dongare. From Risod seat, Ameet Subhashrao Zanak of INC secured 16708 votes more than BJP’s Jadhav Vijay Tulsiram and won the seat.