Maharashtra assembly election 2019: Mira Bhayandar, Ovala-Majiwada, Kopri-Pachpakhadi, Thane, Airoli, and Belapur candidate list

There are six assembly seats within the Lok Sabha constituency of Thane. The list of them includes Mira Bhayandar, Ovala-Majiwada, Kopri-Pachpakhadi, Thane, Airoli, and Belapur. All of them are general seats and none are reserved.

For the upcoming assembly elections for the Vidhan Sabha of Maharashtra, Manda Mhatre will field for BJP from Belapur seat. Sandip Naik will field for BJP from Airoli seat. Shiv Sena is fielding Pratap Sarnaik from the Ovala-Majiwada seat. INC’s Sayyad Muzaffar Hussain will take on BJP’s Narendra Meheta from the Mira Bhayandar constituency. Sanjay Kelkar is the Thane seat contestant for the BJP.

As per the announcement made by the Election Commission, all the assembly constituencies of Maharashtra will go for polling on October 21, 2019 and the votes will be counted on October 24, 2019.

In the 2019 general elections for the Lok Sabha, the winning candidate who was elected as the MP for this constituency was Vichare Rajan Baburao of SHS. He scored 281,299 votes more than the NCP contestant Sanjeev Ganesh Naik. Fr0om the Mira Bhayandar seat, Narendra Mehta of BJP secured 32292 votes more than the runner up of NCP Gilbert Mendonca and won the seat. Ovala – Majiwada seat was won by SHS contestant Pratap Baburao Sarnaik who scored 10906 votes more than the BJP candidate Sanjay Pandey. Kopri Pachpakhadi winner was SHS candidate Eknath Sambhaji Shinde who overtook the BJP contestant Adv.Sandeep Lele with a margin of 51869. From the Thane seat, Kelkar Sanjay Mukund of BJP took a margin of 12588 votes more than SHS candidate Ravindra Sadanand Phatak and won the seat. The Airoli seat winner was Sandeep Ganesh Naik of NCP who secured 8725 votes more than Chougule Vijay Laxman of SHS. The winner from the Belapur seat Manda Vijay Mhatre of BJP had scored 1419 votes more than the NCP contestant Ganesh Naik.

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