Mumbra-Kalwa, Ambernath, Ulhasnagar, Kalyan East, Dombivali and Kalyan Rural vidhan sabha election candidate names and results 2019

Mumbra-Kalwa, Ambernath, Ulhasnagar, Kalyan East, Dombivali, and Kalyan Rural are the six Vidhan Sabha seats located within the Kalyan Parliamentary constituency. Among them, Ambernath is reserved for SC candidates. The rest are general seats.

For the 2019 assembly elections, Rohit Chandrakant Salve is the INC candidate for Ambernath seat. From the Dombivili seat, Radhika Milind Gupte of INC is fielding against the BJP candidate Ravindra Chavhan. The BJP candidate for the Kalyan East seat is Ganpat Kalu Gayakwad. Last time Ganpat Kalu Gayakwad faced the elections on behalf of IND and won the election in Kalyan East constituency. Recently he joined the BJP and has been given a ticket.

The date of assembly polls in Maharashtra is October 21, 2019. The votes will be counted and results declared on October 24, 2019.


From the Kalyan Lok Sabha constituency, Dr.Shrikant Eknath Shinde of SHS was elected for the Lok Sabha during 2019 elections as he secured 250,749 more votes than the runner-up candidate Anand Prakash Paranjpe of the NCP.

During the assembly elections 2014, the Mumbra Kalwa seat voters elected Awhad Jitendra Satish of the NCP who scored 47683 votes more than the SHS candidate Dasharath Kashinath Patil. From the Ambernath (SC) constituency, Dr. Balaji Kinikar of the SHS secured 2041 votes more than Wankhede Rajesh Devendra of BJP. The winner from the Ulhasnagar seat was Jyoti Pappu Kalani of the NCP who secured 1863 more votes than the runner-up candidate Ailani Kumar of BJP. From the Kalyan East constituency, Ganpat Kalu Gaikwad of IND scored 745 votes more than Gopal Ramchandra Landge of SHS. The winner from the Dombivali seat is Chavhan Ravindra Dattatray of BJP who secured 46225 votes more than Dipesh Pundalik Mhatre of the SHS. From the Kalyan Rural constituency, SHS candidate Bhoir Subhash Ganu secured 44212 votes more than the MNS candidate Ramesh Ratan Patil.