Useful information about the exit poll results of Haryana Assembly Elections 2019

Polling officials leave after collecting polling materials on the eve of Haryana Assembly elections, in Gurugram.Photo) (
Exit poll result will be announced after 6.30 p.m.

All the 90 assembly constituencies of Haryana are going for polls on October 21, 2019 for choosing the next government that will take charge of the state’s governance at the Vidhan Sabha. At present, the National Democratic Alliance led by the BJP is ruling the state. In the 2014 general elections, the NDA comprising of BJP and the Shiromani Akali Dal bagged 48 seats in the state by winning from 47 seats and 1 seat respectively. The Congress Party could get only 15 seats with the other major party namely the Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) getting 19 seats.

The election scenario in Haryana

In several seats, the main contest is between the ruling BJP and the opposition Congress party. The other key players in these elections include JJP, INLD, BSP, AAP and Swaraj India Party.

About Exit polls


Elections are a matter of huge excitement for the voters. Most times, the counting will happen a few days after the polling date and the electors just can’t wait to know the results. An exit poll serves the expectations of the curious voters by giving them indications on how the election has turned out.

What are exit polls?

Exit polls are conducted by private companies, newspapers and broadcasting firms. There are three kinds of polls namely opinion poll, entrance poll and exit poll. An opinion poll happens much before the elections and in this process, the voters are asked to whom they are planning to vote. An entrance poll gathers feedback from the voters just before the voting process finding out to whom they will vote. An exit poll asks the voters to whom they have voted immediately after they have cast their votes.

EC guidelines on exit polls


The Election Commission in India has published strict rules on the publication of exit poll results on newspapers, websites, television channels, and social media platforms. The pollsters are barred from publishing the exit poll results before the last vote is cast and the ballot papers and the EVM are sealed. Exit poll results can be announced only half an hour after the polling is closed.

The publishers of exit poll results must also give information about the sample size of the constituency, the particulars about the methods used, the error margin expected and the background of the polling agency that conducted the surveys. They must also publish a disclaimer stating that the published views should not be taken as final results.

About exit poll results


As per the EC’s guidelines, the exit poll results will be declared today around 6:30 pm on October 21, 2019. To a large extent the exit polls give an idea of the actual outcome of the elections. However, in the past, a number of exit polls have gone wrong due to several reasons. While a margin of error up to 5% is expected, most of the findings of 2019 and 2004 exit polls did not match the final results.