Delhi Election: What You Need To Know About Photo Voter Slips (PVS)

Photo Voter Slips abbreviated as PVS contains the most important details about the voter. This document makes the voting process easy for the elector. Here are the important pieces of information you need to know about Photo Voter Slips.

What information is found on the Photo Voter Slips during delhi election:

The Photo voter slip will give the details like serial number of the voter on the electoral roll of the polling station where the voter needs to cast his or her vote.


In which language the details will be printed on the PVS

As per the announcement of the EC, the PVS will be printed in the language in which the electoral roll is published for the assembly constituency.

How and when will be the Photo Voter Slip distributed in Delhi election:


The EC has directed that the Photo Voter Slip is handed over to the candidate at least five days before the date of elections. The EC had also instructed the District Election Officer (DEO) and the concerned General Observer to closely and rigorously monitor the distribution process.

How will the photo Voter Slip Look

The EC had significantly improved the size, design and layout of the PVS to improve its quality and effectiveness in promoting voter awareness and guiding the voters.

How to use the PVS at the polling booth

The Photo Voter Slip will contain a QR code that will make it easy to identify the voter and quicken the polling process via the booth app.

How to download the PVS during delhi election

The BLO will distribute the PVS at least five days in advance before the conduct of elections as per EC’s instructions. The voters can also download the PVS from the ‘Voter Helpline’ app made available on the Google play store and apple app store. To download the PVS from the personal vault of the Voter Helpline App, the voters need to link their mobile number with the EPIC number.