22% of BJP's Lok Sabha voters like Kejriwal more than Modi, says Lokniti-CSDS survey

New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal addresses a press conference in New Delhi on Nov 8, 2019. Addressing the media, Kejriwal on Friday announced that commuters in the national capital will not have to face the Odd-Even scheme on November 11 and 12 due to the celebration of the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev. the decision came after people from the Sikh community requested the government to relax the rules as they celebrate the birth anniversary of their faith's founder on November 12. (Photo: IANS)
  • Delhi will be going into elections early next year in 2020
  • Lokniti – CSDS Survey results say Kejriwal continues to be popular among the voters who elected his party with vast majority in 2015.
  • Here are some interesting stats on how Kejriwal is faring in the capital of India’s electoral landscape.

A movement becomes a party

Just a few years ago, an agitation against corruption turned into a political party and AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) was born on 26 November 2012. Since then, it was not a smooth ride for Arvind Kejiwal, the hero who pioneered the new kind of political experiment. Political analysts had their own doubts if the captain could successfully steer the ship to reach the Promised Land amidst a stiff internal strife. AAP’s electoral debut in 2013 won it 28 out of 70 seats seeing the party occupy the throne of Delhi Vidhan Sabha only for 49 days after which it resigned. Finally eyebrows curved up when AAP could grab 67 out of 70 seats during the 2015 legislative assembly elections achieving a vast majority to rule the national capital of India within just three years of its launch.

Is AAP ready for assembly elections in 2020

Delhi is preparing to vote again in early 2020 to elect the government which will take charge of the Vidhan Sabha for the next five year term. Political parties have already began contemplating on newer strategies to win the game this time by wooing the voters in newer ways. It is now time to review how the AAP has fared on the throne over its term and whether the popularity of the party’s undisputed leadership has waxed or waned among the voting masses in the capital of India.

Findings of Lokniti CSDS Survey

A recent Lokniti CSDS survey involving 2,298 voters of the Delhi electorate has concluded that Kejriwal continues to enjoy overwhelming popularity among the electors. Skimming over the results of the survey, the following bullets sum up the points that surface.

Four among five voters are happy about how AAP team performed on the throne of Delhi assembly as a majority government.

While about 90 percent of Delhi voters like Kejriwal, about two thirds have developed a strong liking for his personality and performance.

In comparison with Narendra Modi, Kejriwal weighs up on the winning side in being more popular among the Delhi electors.

About 80% voters strongly like Modi while 50% of them strongly like him.

What to take home?

A majority of Delhi voters feel that the AAP has been able to fulfill the promises made during the election campaign 2015 to a large extent. People’s liking for Modi has not worked against how they would like to support Kejiriwal. The backing enjoyed by the party’s MLA’s in their constituencies show that the government has fared well in satisfying people’s expectations. The politics and personality of Arvind Kejriwal has become a kind of X-factor that can decide the outcome of the next assembly elections in 2020.