Trump claims Ivanka has created 14 million jobs since he became president - more than double the 6 million added by the US economy in that time

Trump claims Ivanka has created 14 million jobs since he became president - more than double the 6 million added by the US economy in that time

President Trump
  • President Donald Trump claimed that his daughter, White House adviser and businesswoman Ivanka Trump, has created 14 million jobs since 2017. 
  • The figure is more than double the 6 million US jobs created since Trump's inauguration. 
  • Ivanka Trump co-chairs a White House workforce advisory council, which has secured pledges from businesses to create more jobs.
  • It is possible that Trump confused the promise of 14 million more hypothetical jobs for the creation of actual jobs.
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US President Donald Trump gave credit to his daughter Ivanka for creating 14 million jobs in the US during his presidency, even though figures show the entire country has only gained 6 million jobs in that time.

Trump made the claim in a speech at the Economic Club of New York on Tuesday in which he praised Ivanka for her advisory work at the White House. 


He said his daughter had created created 14 million jobs since he took office in January 2017, far exceeding her goal of 500,000.

However, US government figures show that the total number of jobs added to the US economy since during Trump's presidency is only 6 million.

"When she started this, two and a half years ago, her goal was 500,000 jobs," Trump said, referring to her role as co-chair of a White House workforce policy advisory board.


"She's now created 14 million jobs ... 14 million from 500,000. Fourteen million and going up."

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for clarification on Trump's claim. 

The workforce policy advisory board on which Ivanka Trump serves works with private companies, encouraging them to open up training positions. 


According to a February statement on the White House website, the initiative aims to bridge "a gap between skills of those seeking to enter the workforce possess and those sought by employers."

In the statement, the White House said that the 200 companies that have signed up to the program have collectively pledged to create "more than 6.5 million education, training and skill-building opportunities over the next five years."

By October, the number of companies involved in the scheme has risen to 350, and the number of training and educational opportunities pledged to 14 million, reported The Associated Press.


This figure for hypothetical future positions could be the one Trump touted as jobs already delivered.

A CNN report found that some companies taking part in the scheme were pledging to create the same number of training places they had planned on creating anyway before the scheme was announced.