Biden aides are concerned that Trump's recent woes may mean the president could face a younger GOP candidate in 2024

Biden aides are concerned that Trump's recent woes may mean the president could face a younger GOP candidate in 2024
President Joe Biden at a National Economic Council roundtable at the White House on November 18th, 2022.Nathan Posner/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
  • President Joe Biden's aides are concerned by Donald Trump's recent political woes, CNN reported.
  • They believe that if Trump is defeated in the GOP 2024 nomination it could impact Biden's chances.

Aides to President Joe Biden believe that former President Donald Trump's recent political woes could backfire on them, and end up damaging the current president's chances of winning reelection in 2024, CNN reported.

Top Democratic sources told CNN that there is new optimism in the party about Biden's 2024 chances, following a stronger-than-expected performance by the party in the 2022 midterms, when they retained control of the Senate and only narrowly lost the House to the Republican Party.

But they are reportedly concerned about Trump's recent loss of status in the GOP, following the disappointing performance of his candidates in the midterms. The aides reportedly fear that if a younger candidate is nominated by the GOP as their 2024 candidate it could damage Biden's prospects.

Momentum is building behind Ron DeSantis, Florida's governor, for the 2024 nomination, after he won reelection in a landslide in the midterms.

"Not great," said one top operative when asked by CNN about how they felt regarding Biden facing a younger 2024 challenger. "Uneasy," said two others, in separate conversations, when asked about the possibility.


On Sunday, Biden celebrated his 80th birthday at the White House. He is the oldest president in US history, with his age a frequent subject of criticism by opponents. Trump, who is now 76, was the second oldest upon taking office.

DeSantis, meanwhile, is 44 — and some Biden aides are reportedly hoping that should Trump fail to secure the 2024 nomination he'll turn on the party and seek to sabotage its chosen candidate.

Biden has indicated his intention of running for reelection again in 2024, and is reportedly discussing the issue this week with family members, as he mulls making a formal declaration.