WATCH: Pro-Trump rioters stormed the US Capitol and forced Congress into a recess

  • Trump supporters stormed into the US Capitol on Wednesday to disrupt the confirmation of Joe Biden's presidential victory.
  • The rioters pushed past police, broke windows, deployed tear gas, and forced Congress into a recess and lawmakers to take cover in their offices.
  • Joe Biden and other lawmakers condemned the violence, as did Trump, but the president doubled down on his baseless election fraud claims.

An mob of President Donald Trump supporters pushed past police and stormed into the US Capitol on Wednesday, bringing Congress to a halt and forcing lawmakers and staffers to shelter in their offices.

The rioters were among those who heard Trump speak at a "March for Trump" rally earlier in the day protesting Joe Biden's election victory in November.

At the time they stormed the Capitol building, a joint session of Congress was underway to confirm Biden's electoral vote win.

Protesters broke windows in the Capitol and deployed tear gas within the building's hall. According to multiple reports, a woman was killed after being shot in the chest in the Capitol.

The violence forced Washington, DC, into a lockdown as lawmakers, including Biden, urged them to go home.


Trump, responding to pressure from elected officials from both parties, released a video on Twitter asking the violent rioters to go home. However, he doubled down on his baseless claims that the election was "stolen" from him, and told the rioters he loves them. Twitter later took the video down.