Punjab exit poll 2019: AAP may be swept out of Punjab as per C-voter

Punjab exit poll 2019: AAP may be swept out of Punjab as per C-voter
Workers carry boxes containing Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) and Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail machines (VVPATs) at a distribution center ahead of the Lok Sabha election, in Patna.Photo)(

Punjab Exit Poll
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Translating as the land of five rivers, Punjab is a north western state in India sharing its borders with Pakistan. In India, the state shares its borders with Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan. The state of Punjab spans over an area of 50,362 square kilometers. As per the electoral rolls, there are 2,04,75,053 voters in Punjab and this figure comprises of 1,08,52,972 male electors, 96,21,574 female voters and 507 third gender voters.


In 2014 general elections for the Lok Sabha, Punjab gave 4 seats to the AAP, 4 constituencies to SAD, 3 places to INC and the remaining 2 to the other candidates. In the 2009 elections for the Parliament, the state of Punjab elected the INC from 8 constituencies, gave 4 seats to SAD and the remaining 1 seat to BJP. The results of the 2004 elections saw the state giving 8 places for SAD, 3 seats to BJP and 2 constituencies to INC.

The state of Punjab has 13 Lok Sabha seats and thus can send 13 MPs from the state for the Parliament. 7 members represent the state in the Rajya Sabha. Among the 13 Lok Sabha seats, 4 are reserved for the scheduled castes. There are 117 assembly constituencies in Punjab and the latest assembly polls happened in the state in March 2017. In 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Punjab voted in single phase on May 19, 2019 during the last phase of elections in the country.