Punjab exit poll: AAP will open its account with majority

Punjab exit poll: AAP will open its account with majorityCVoter predicts Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) will open its account in the state with a majority.

Seat share
The magic number in Punjab is 59. CVoter predicts AAP winning between 59 and 67 seats in the 117-strong Assembly. This is up from nil in the 2012 Punjab elections. The Congress party's showing has remained about the same as in 2012. It's predicted to have won between 41 and 49 seats. In 2012, the Congress won 46 seats. The SAD-BJP combine is predicted to have been decimated winning just between 5 and 13 seats, compared with its 2012 showing, when it won as many as 68 seats.

Region-wise break up
AAP is projected to have gained big in Malwa, at the cost of the SAD-BJP combine. CVoter predicts AAP likely won 42 seats there, with SAD-BJP managing to get just 5 seats. By cmparison, in 2012, SAD-BJP won 33 seats in Malwa in 2012. The Congress is also projected to have lost seats in Malwa. It's expected to have won 16 seats, down from 2012's 28 seats.

In the Doab region, SAD-BJP is projected to have dropped to 2 seats from 16 in 2012. The Congress is projected to have gained here with 19 seats, up from 2012's 11. And AAP is projected to have won 6 seats.


SAD-BJP is predicted to have lost big in the Manjha region too. It's expected to be down to 2 seats from 19 in 2012. The Congress is expected to have gained three seats in Manjha with CVoter predicting it won 10. AAP is expected to have won 15 seats.

Share of per centage of votes
The SAD-BJP combine's projected loss of seats reflects in its projected vote share loss as well. The combine's vote share is expected to have dropped by a huge 20.5 per cent, down to 21.4 per cent from 42.9 per cent in 2012. Despite Amarinder, the Congress too is projected to have lost vote share. CVoter's projection shows the Congress vote share is down to 36.3 per cent from 2012's 40.1 per cent.

CVoterpolled a sample size of 13,717 people. The poll has a margin of error of +/- 3 per cent.