Push Notification is the new Holy water for ‘Appreneurs’

Push Notification is the new Holy water for ‘Appreneurs’Push notifications are rapidly becoming one of the top ways to keep users engaged with mobile applications. Research has demonstrated that the average lifespan of an app can be as short as 30 days, and push notifications are one tool to help developers augment that expiration date and hold their users coming back for more.

We needed to give you ideas on the most proficient methods to implement Push into your app adequately in the event that you haven't as of now, or in case you're looking for a fresh way to incorporate notifications.


On the off chance that a user hasn't completed an expected action yet, the app can send a welcome reminder to finish it.

Play reminders


Games like Clash Royale, always sends notificatications to the users about their progress and if the rewards have been unlocked or not.

All or None

At the point when another user installs an app, he or she should see a preferences page that allows for choice of push notifications. At the point when users have the choice of what notifications they get, they're much more likely to pick choices that appeal to them. If that the main choices are all notifications or none, many users will just pick none to avoid getting too much information.

Limit Information

The most common reason for a user to turn off notifications or erase the app altogether - is an abundance of notifications. While making information to push through to all app users, consider the value of the message. In case you're sending multiple push notifications in a 24-hour period, consider cutting back and solidifying messages into one notification.

Ask them to come back

Sometimes your most loyal customers, who utilized your app multiple times during a certain amount of time, drastically stop and don't come back. With the increasing rivalry, it would not shock to see your unwavering customers "undermine you" and go to another app like yours.

Try not to worry however. Regardless, you have an opportunity to demonstrate to them that your app is the best. You can re-draw in dormant users by sending them a customized push notification message. Tell them why they should have missed you and give them reasons to come back, such as looking at new elements, plan, and so forth.