RANKED: The 15 best iPhones ever made

Apple released the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus on Friday.

They're Apple's 14th and 15th iPhones since the first one was launched in 2007.Obviously, the more recently an iPhone was released, the faster it will be. Apple updates the chips, screens, and other components on an annual basis because that's how technology works, and so they can claim the latest iPhone is the "best ever."
But when compared to its peers, taking into account the environment it was released, and the overall aesthetics of the device, the iPhone 7 is not the best iPhone, in my opinion.

So based on design, primarily, but also influence and my personal feelings towards these devices, I've ranked the 15 iPhones. As we wrote the last time we did this exercise, "You might say this ranking is arbitrary. You might be right if you do. But so what."

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