RANKED: These are the granola bars with the least sugar


granola snack cereal bars

Rebecca Harrington/Tech Insider

Apples and bananas aside, many of the most convenient grab-and-go foods make for very unhealthy snacks.


This is especially true with snack and cereal bars.

I eat about one granola bar a day because they're so easy to carry around when I'm feeling peckish.

As a highly processed food, however, snack bars have a lot of ingredients, one of which is almost always sugar.

Dietary guidelines say we should eat fewer than 50 grams of sugar per day. You don't want to waste up to a third of that on one bar.


We ranked some popular brands from those with the most sugar per serving to those with the least. (We didn't account for other nutritional variation, like protein and fiber content.) See how your favorite snack, cereal, or granola bar stacks up: