RANKED: These are the salad dressings with the fewest calories


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Rebecca Harrington/Tech Insider

So many options.

A single serving of salad dressing can have more calories than all the vegetables in the actual salad.

Low-fat dressings may be lower in calories, but they are often high in sugars. (They have to add something in there to make it taste good after they take all that fat out.)

If you want to choose a dressing with fewer calories or fat, watch out for how much sugar it has, too. The World Health Organization recommends adults eat fewer than 50 grams of sugar per day, and you don't want to waste a chunk of that on 2 measly tablespoons of dressing.


So while this is a list of salad dressings ranked by their calories, it's also a lesson in looking at a nutrition label holistically.

To compare salad dressings, I went to the grocery store and photographed a sample. This of course doesn't include every dressing or every variety, but hopefully this list can get you started.

Here's how 17 dressings rank from the highest to lowest calories in one 2 Tbsp. serving, and I've included how much sugar each has, too: