These are the reasons why a good employee will quit your organisation

No company in the world ever wants a good employee to leave the organisation. Reason? It’s hard to find good talent. You may be under the impression that you have employee friendly policies, great salaries in place, but it does come as a shock when your best employees decide to put in your papers. We tell you what could be the reason behind their decision.

Better opportunities
This is probably one of the major factors behind a job switch. A great talent is wanted by everyone in the industry. Most often organizations are ready to shell out a much higher figure for an employee who has a great track record. They primarily see it as a long term investment that will yield positive results in the long run.

Poor appraisals
Believe it or not, poor appraisals are one main reason for employees to look out for other options. If you believe an employee is good, ensure you have given him his due credit. Poor appraisals have been at the forefront when it comes to tick off an employee.

No growth opportunities

An employee will eventually be unhappy if he doesn’t see any growth opportunity for himself in the organisation. This stands true if the employee doesn’t get to see any enhancement in his role for a long period of time. After all, everyone wants to grow and climb up the ladder and a profile that is static will never be appreciated.

Bad working environment
It is no rocket science to understand that a bad working environment is definitely a put off for an employee. It can include a poor working relationship with the reporting manager to noose-around-the-neck working culture.

If any of the above has happened with you, maybe it’s time to smell the coffee.