Reasons why job offers at IITs have gone down this year despite more companies in the campuses

Reasons why job offers at IITs have gone down this year despite more companies in the campusesEven as there have been more recruiters on the IIT campuses this year, placement offers have surprisingly seen a downfall by 10%.

In terms of the number of companies participating in the IIT placements this year, a little over 300 companies have registered this year, against 280 last year at IIT-Kharagpur. Meanwhile, IIT-Guwahati has seen the number rise from 150 last year to 200 this year.

At IIT Kanpur, it was more or less the same as last year with the first three days seeing 315 offers being made.

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Only IIT Roorkee seems to be happy. They told TOI recently that they have not seen a decline in the number of offers compared to last year, instead, they are higher marginally. "We didn't focus too heavily on the IT sectors and therefore, our non-computer science disciplines have also seen decent placements," said NP Padhy, Professor-in-Charge at IIT Roorkee.

One of the reasons for the downfall in offers per recruiter is being attributed to the rise in the number of the IITs. There are 23 IITs in total in the country, and several recruiters have made their way to the new ones this year.


The other reason is the revisions in recruitment trends done by firms. Even as PSUs have raised the average packages to a decent extent if not significantly, several companies have reduced the number/amount of offers compared to last year.