Reliance Jio Gigafiber launch – Mukesh Ambani’s trump card on the Indian internet space

Reliance Jio Gigafiber launch – Mukesh Ambani’s trump card on the Indian internet space
  • Reliance is set to launch Jio Gigafiber services and Jio Phone 3 on Monday.
  • Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani had announced the Jio Gigafiber services during the company’s AGM last year.
  • The service with its low tariffs is set to be a big gamechanger in the Indian broadband space.
Reliance is reportedly set to launch the much talked about Jio Gigafiber services and the Jio Phone 3 on Monday during the company’s Annual General Meeting.

Jio Gigafiber has been the talk of the town since Mukesh Ambani had announced it in the last AGM held last year.

What it offers

Gigafiber is a mega package offered by Jio, which will offer broadband, TV and fixed landline plans. But it’s not going to be an ordinary plan. Gigafiber is reportedly set to offer broadband services at 1 gigabytes per second (GBPS) speed, 600 TV channels and a landline connection – all of this at just ₹600 per month.

This will put Jio in direct competition with ACT broadband services, one of the most popular options in India right now. ACT, which is currently India’s largest fiber-based service provider, is also planning a ₹800 crore IPO soon.


Jio Phone 3

The AGM is also set to see the launch of Jio Phone 3. The previous two models which were priced at ₹1,500 and ₹2,999 have already been a big hit in the market, for giving smartphone features to a user at the most basic price. Jio Phone 3 is expected to take the features up a notch at an equally affordable price.

Can Gigafiber do a Jio?

The launch of Gigafiber will be a big boom in the Indian broadband industry because of lower tariffs and higher internet speeds. It is expected to have the same impact that Jio did when it launched. Jio, with its low tariff and faster internet speeds, has seen it become India’s second largest telecom provider within 3 years of its launch.