Reliance Jio users made maximum calls than Vodafone in 2016 but they lasted less than 30 seconds

As per the Truecaller’s TrueInsights Q4 reports, the Reliance Jio users made maximum calls during the end of 2016 than any operator.

In the second half of 2016, the number of Reliance Jio subscribers increased. However, calls made through Jio lasted less than 30 seconds on average.

According to the report, Vodafone users made the longest calls of about 41 seconds on average.


“It is surprising to see the shorter call duration (for Jio subscribers) since there is generally little difference between operators,” the report stated.

Jio grabbed the second place in terms of Truecaller users, capturing more than 23% of its market base.

"Investigating the last six months of usage, we can see that Jio has grown aggressively at the end of the summer. Jio racked up millions of customers in their first months and even picked up the pace of acquisition towards the end of the year,” the report said.


Truecaller report aggregated data from incoming and outgoing calls made between July and December 2016. “The insights are purely based on Truecaller's internal data,” it said.

While Airtel and Jio had an even share of Truecaller usage across the regions, Vodafone's dominance in Delhi and Mumbai stood out, as did Idea's strength in Maharashtra.