Report Reveals ‘Lack Of Privacy’ To Be The Reason Of Employee Disengagement

Report Reveals ‘Lack Of Privacy’ To Be The Reason Of Employee Disengagement

Steelcase Inc. has recently done a global study focusing on the cost of the disengagement of employees faced by organisations. Named as Privacy Crisis Report, the study was conducted in collaboration with IPSOS and Gallup.

The study states that 87% of employees around the globe are actively disengaged at work and the negative impact on the bottom-line has become evident. As per the study, the cost of disengagement in the USA alone is between $450-550 billion per year. Though around the world, CEOs recognise a clear correlation between employee engagement and business performance, few organisations can identify the factors that positively affect employee engagement, and even fewer know how to improve it.

Today, most workplaces are set up as open plan offices for maximum group interaction. In addition to needing places that support group work, office workers around the world also need private places to focus and rejuvenate. Workers say that they need privacy the most for productive work, and this is what most modern offices today lack. This happens to be employees’ number-one complaint about their workplace, along with the imbalance between collaboration and privacy at many offices.

Steelcase’s Privacy Crisis at Workplaces Study took place in 14 countries including India, by the independent research firms IPSOS and Gallup including more than 10,500 workers. The study has confirmed the following statistics:


Key global findings:

· 69% of people working around the globe are not fully engaged and most dissatisfied with their environment,
· 31% employees are the most satisfied with their work environment,
· 11% say their workplace allows them to concentrate easily, work in teams without being interrupted,
· 85% of workers are dissatisfied and can’t concentrate easily in the office, and
· 31% of them need to go outside of their office to get work done.

Key findings for India

· 91% of employees are disengaged and are putting in time but not passion for their work,
· 31% of them are actively disengaged and are consciously projecting their dissatisfaction, and
· 9% of employees are engaged and contribute productively to their organisation.

The data clearly reveals that a majority of employees, located in India or abroad, face issues like lack of privacy in their workplaces.

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