People are splurging to buy Grimace, Birdie, and Hamburglar toys from McDonald's adult Happy Meal, with some spending $50 for the figurines

People are splurging to buy Grimace, Birdie, and Hamburglar toys from McDonald's adult Happy Meal, with some spending $50 for the figurines
  • People are spending big money to snap up limited-edition toys from McDonald's adult Happy Meals.
  • Each box comes with a figurine, including iconic McDonald's characters like the Hamburglar and Grimace.

People are splurging out to get their hands on the limited-edition toys from McDonald's adult Happy Meal.

The fast-food giant has been selling a limited-edition version of its famous meal boxes for grown-ups since early October in a collaboration with streetwear brand Cactus Plant Flea Market. The meals are available with a Big Mac or 10-piece box of McNuggets, complete with fries and a drink, and each comes with a collectable figure.

Three are based on returning McDonald's characters — the Hamburglar, Grimace, and Birdie — while the fourth is a new one called Cactus Buddy.

Dozens of listings for the figures have popped up on eBay, and they're selling for a wide range of prices, including some still in sealed packaging. Some users have listed the merchandise for thousands of dollars, though it does not appear anyone has actually bought figures for that much.

One eBay account is charging $24.95 each for sealed Grimace and Cactus Buddy toys and $49.95 for Hamburglar and Birdie toys, or $119.95 for a pack of all four. Nearly 160 people have bought the lots.


Another account selling the toys individually and in four-packs for slightly cheaper has sold 116 lots.

And an auction listing for a four-pack of the toys is going for $81 at the time of writing with 23 bids – and it has eight hours still to go.

As well as being sold on eBay, a number of the figures are listed for sale on popular sneaker and streetwear resale site StockX for similar prices.

The Cactus Plant meal comes in a box that features McDonald's iconic bright yellow and red color scheme, as well as pops of other bold colors. Alongside the four mascots available as toys, drawings on the box include other famous McDonald's characters such as Ronald McDonald, Mayor McCheese, Captain Crook, and Officer Big Mac — all inexplicably with two sets of eyes.

As well as selling the figurines, some accounts have listed the empty boxes for sale. One account is charging $9.99 and has already sold 32, while another is charging $10.99.


Accounts are also selling woven bracelets with McDonald's and Cactus Plant branding. One eight-pack is currently selling for $51 with 10 bids with four days still to go, while a four-pack is currently at $28.

The McDonald's and Cactus Plant collaboration has proved incredibly popular. Within days of the meals launching, three workers told Insider that their stores had run out of toys or boxes.

"We had a line outside our store the first day," one McDonald's worker in San Antonio told Insider, and "we were sold out [of boxes] by 6 p.m."

McDonald's and Cactus Plant released a range of limited-edition merchandise, too, all of which have sold out. Items included $150 hoodies, $60 T-shirts, $130 sweatpants, and 19-inch-tall plush toys that it sold at $250 for a four-pack.