People are freaking out about Starbucks' new color-changing 'Unicorn' Frappuccino - here's what you need to know

Unicorn Frappuccino


Starbucks fans are already obsessed with the chain's latest - and perhaps strangest - creation: the Unicorn Frappuccino. 

But what is this mysterious, color-changing beverage? 

According to the coffee giant, it's a "flavor and color-changing creation," made with a dusting of pink powder blended into a mango creme Frappucinno and layered with a sour powder topping. When you stir the drink, the color transforms from purple to pink, and the flavor goes from sweet and fruity to tangy and tart. 
The drink is only going to be available for five days, starting on Wednesday, April 19. 

Of course, more questions remain. 

What does the drink actually look like? 

Starbucks has released an official image, but when it comes to mass-produced Starbucks drinks, the reality often diverges from the ideal, Instagram-ready image. 

Fortunately, a few Starbucks sleuths have prematurely posted pictures on Instagram. 

 Judging from early photos, the change might not be as stark as Starbucks promises - but the drink is certainly boasting some bold colors.  

 What's the deal with unicorns? 

 This isn't the first unicorn latte on the market. 

The End, a Brooklyn cafe that opened in late 2016, is known for its multi-colored, creative lattes - including the Unicorn Latte, made with ginger, lemon, coconut milk, honey and e3 live blue green algae.

DRINK, a coffee bar located inside an American Eagle in Time Square, sells a Unicorn Latte of its own. 

Basically, all you need to know is unicorn lattes are trendy and super colorful, and Starbucks didn't want to be left out.

How unhealthy is this drink going to be? 

Adding a beverage that looks like a blenderized donut to the menu means many people are going to question the drink's nutritional value.

A Starbucks spokesperson told Business Insider that at tall Unicorn Frappuccino made with whole milk and whipped cream is 280 calories and 39 grams of sugar. Take away the whipped cream and make the Frappuccino with almond milk, and a tall is 170 calories, with 34 grams of sugar. 
The FDA recommends limiting your daily sugar consumption to 50 grams - so it's probably a good idea to stick with the tall. 

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