RSLP's Upendra Kushwaha, who threatened bloodshed if votes were tampered, is trailing in his constituency in Bihar

Rashtriya Lok Samata Party leader Upendra Kushwaha is trailing in his constituency of Bihar with 36% of the votes counted so far against JDU candidate Mahabali Singh, who has 46% of the votes so far.

The results are reflective of a strong showing by the BJP+JDU alliance in Bihar. The alliance is leading in 32 constituencies so far, while the Lok Jan Shakti party is leading in 6.

If Kushwaha ends up losing, he might make good on his threat of "bloodshed". Earlier this week, the RLSP leader suggested that he and his supporters would react aggressively if it came to light that votes were tampered with.

Kushwaha's statement followed several reports and claims by Opposition parties of the alleged tampering of EVMs. The Election Commission has denied these claims.