Samsung Has A Really Cool Concept Video That Shows How Everything Could Have A Touchscreen One Day

samsung display concept video alarm clock


Samsung, which makes some of the best displays in the world, imagines that one day its screens will be on everything from coffee mugs to car windows.

The following concept video shows how that could happen. The video touches on a concept called "The Internet Of Things," which is a term people in the tech industry like to throw around when they talk about connecting everyday objects to the Internet. It may sound a little like the Jetsons today, but there are already a bunch of companies like SmartThings, Nest, and even Cisco working on ways to improve the stuff in our homes by connecting them to the Web.
Samsung sees a world where everything, even your coffee mug, has a display that can show you relevant information. It may seem a little over the top right now, but a lot of this isn't that far off.

Samsung posted the video about a month ago, but we just came across it on Techno Buffalo.