Samsung's Next Major Galaxy Phone Could Come With A Crazy, Flexible Screen That Curves Around Its Edges


samsung galaxy s5 home screen

Steve Kovach/Business Insider

Samsung has been showing off its flexible displays for years, but soon we may be seeing that technology appear in more mainstream smartphones.


One analyst thinks the Korean tech giant will outfit its upcoming Galaxy S6 with a display that curves on both sides, unlike the company's recently released Galaxy Note Edge which only curves on one side.

Jerry Kang, a senior analyst at IHD Technology, said the following at the IHS Display Analyst conference on Thursday (via Phone Arena):

"The Galaxy S6 to be released next year will feature a 'dual-edged' screen which is curved on the right and the left sides."

Kang also noted that this was the original concept for the Galaxy Note Edge, but Samsung scrapped that idea in favor of a design that curves only on the right.


Although Samsung has been experimenting with flexible displays for the past few years, it doesn't seem likely that the company will bring its tech to a mainstream device such as the Galaxy S6. There's a chance we'll see a spin-off sort of the like Note Edge, which is essentially a clone of the Galaxy Note 4 other than its curved screen.

Here's what the Note Edge looks like - the curved part of the screen is actually a separate display that can act independently of the main screen.


Business Insider/Lisa Eadicicco

The Galaxy S6, however, is rumored to come with either a 16 or 20-megapixel camera and an all new design that's made from scratch. Samsung is said to be calling the phone "Project Zero" internally, but we won't know more about the phone until next year.