SAP will skill, reskill, upskill 15 lakh consultants in India. Here’s what it plans

SAP India, one of the sought-after companies for job seekers, is looking to train 15 lakh consultants over the next three years.

SAP India will skill, reskill and upskill 15 lakh consultants and grow and enhance its operations in India.

Presently, more than 75% of SAP's 8,600 clients in India are small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs).

"We are known as a company which helps large enterprises. But the 51 million SMEs is the potential marketplace we want to address," said Scott Russell, president at SAP for Asia Pacific and Japan.

SAP wants to help these SMEs who have less knowledge about tech and how to use it in their businesses.


Russell told ET if India wants to truly become a digital economy then all companies --big or small --need to participate.

It plans to provide MSMEs with access to technology from SAP to help them streamline and integrate key processes like financials, sales and inventory with a single business software.