Satellite Image Shows Deadly Ice Storm Slamming The South


Clouds bringing a mix of freezing rain, snow, and sleet to a large part of the South from eastern Texas to the Carolinas can be seen in this satellite image taken by a NOAA satellite on Tuesday afternoon.


The winter storm has been called "catastrophic" by forecasters as it threatens bring a rare and deadly ice storm to Georgia. The unusual weather comes just two weeks after a snowstorm crippled Atlanta.

Ice storms, which are caused by freezing rain, make roads slippery and unsafe for travel. The weight of the ice also can also break tree limbs and knock out power lines, causing massive power outages. Slate notes that the ice could also kill off about a quarter of Atlanta's trees.

The storm will begin tracking up the East Coast, bring winter weather to the Mid-Atlantic states by Wednesday night, according to the NOAA weather prediction center.

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NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center