To help fight water scarcity, a machine that produces drinking water from air has been launched in India

To help fight water scarcity, a machine that produces drinking water from air has been launched in India
Some of the Watergen products on display during the event.Watergen
  • Watergen is an Israeli company that makes machines that generate water from air.
  • The company has now entered into a joint venture with the SMV Jaipuria Group in India.
  • The company intends to make India its marketing hub.
Water scarcity is a serious problem and is one of the biggest issues that the world is going to face in the coming years. Watergen, the Israeli company that manufactures machines that generate drinking water from air has entered the Indian market to help fight water scarcity.

Watergen has entered into a 50-50 joint venture (JV) with SMV Jaipuria Group, an Indian company to bring its technology to the country. The company will completely transfer the technology to the JV, allowing it to be produced in India.

Watergen is one of the leading companies working in the atmospheric water generator segment. The company’s machines, dubbed as GENius, can generate mineralized and safe drinking water from ambient air.

Here’s how it works

The Genius system from Watergen uses a heat-exchange technology that extracts water from the air. It begins by drawing the air using a blower and then removing dust and dirt using filters.


Then, the heat-exchange technology uses condensation to produce water from the moisture in the air. The water is stored in a buffer tank and then is purified using filters and a UV lamp.

The water is then stored in a tank and can be directly used for drinking.

India will be the marketing hub for the company

The company will make India the global marketing hub and the GENius system will be produced in India and exported to other countries in addition to being sold in the country.

"India will be the main marketing hub for global activities for Watergen. We will export from India to the global market. India is amongst our top three strategic markets and together with our partner, we are determined to provide safe mineralized drinking water available for every individual, across geographies and demographics," said Maayan Mulla, chief executive officer of Watergen India.

The company is expected to launch the product in India next year and will begin with metro cities initially. The company’s Genny device, which is designed for domestic use is expected to be priced at ₹2.5 lakh.


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