Improving ground water levels in Telangana may provide relief as summer approaches

Improving ground water levels in Telangana may provide relief as summer approaches
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With the rising day temperatures, Telangana is heading for scorching summer but on water front there is some good news for the state.

According to Ground Water Department of the state, there was a net rise in groundwater level of 2.16 m during March 2021 as compared to the same month last year. The rise is observed in 27 districts and fall in remaining six districts.

Average groundwater level in the state during March 2021 is 8.35 meters below ground level (m bgl) and it varies from 3.50 m bgl (Wanaparthy) to 14.87 m bgl (Medak). Out of 33 districts, only in one district, average water level is 10 m bgl.

A minimum rise of 0.15 m is observed in Komaram Bheem Asifabad district and maximum rise of 8.11 m in Sangareddy district. A minimum fall of 0.09 m is observed in Bhupalapally and maximum fall of -1.16 m in Jagityal district.

This will surely come as a relief for people, especially in those districts which see water scarcity during peak summer.


A net average rise of 2.93 m in groundwater levels is observed during March 2021 as compared to May 2020 and rise is observed in 30 districts (0.19 m Adilabad to 8.92 m in Sangareddy) and fall is observed in remaining three districts, the department said.

The increase in ground water comes as another boost for the state which has considerably increased the area under cultivation thanks to the completion of irrigation projects and revival of tanks under Mission Kakatiya programme.

The improvement in ground water level is also attributed to the good rainfall the state received last year.

According to Ground Water Department, during the water year 2020-21, the state received actual rainfall of 1,262 mm against 865 mm of normal rainfall up to March 31, 2021. The rainfall ranges from 864 mm (Nalgonda district) to 2,064 mm (Mulugu) and thus there is a 46 per cent more rainfall during this period in the state as compared to normal annual rainfall up to March 2021.

Twenty seven districts received Excess rainfall (+20% to 130%) and remaining six districts received normal rainfall (-17 to 6%).

Authorities hope that the improvement in ground water level will avoid a situation where people have to rely on water supply through tankers.

The state government claims that its Mission Bhagiratha completely put to an end to the drinking water problem. The scheme is termed as a torchbearer for the entire country.

The Central Jal Shakti Mission has declared that Telangana is the only state in the country, which is providing safe and pure drinking water through pipes to all the households, schools and Anganwadi centres.

Prior to 2014, drinking water supply was provided, that too partially, to just 5,672 habitations. Now, protected drinking water is supplied to 24,543 habitations to every household, every day through pipes and taps, Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan said during his speech in State Assembly on the first day of the budget session last month.

On the whole, there are 57,26,804 household tap connections, 65 intake wells, 109 water treatment plants, 1,49,905 km long pipelines and 13,901 service crossings constructed as part of this mega scheme.

During the last six-and-half years, the state government has spent Rs 32,500 crore to solve the drinking water problem in the state.

Mission Kakatiya, one of the flagship schemes of the state government, has helped in improving water availability. Under this programme, the government embarked on revival of 45,000 tanks. With tanks now brimming with water, the area under cultivation has also increased. The programme also resulted in the increase in ground water levels.

This has been proved by the data released by the Centre on the ground water levels. It analysed ground water levels in 549 wells in the state. The report stated that out of the 549 wells, ground water has increased by 91 per cent in 498 wells.

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