Straws, plastic masks and all other single use plastics banned — here are the fines and alternatives

Jul 1, 2022

By: Bhakti Makwana

Single use plastic ban

The government has banned single use plastic items from today, which are plastic items discarded after being used only once. It includes grocery bags, food packaging, bottles, straws, containers, cups and cutlery.

Credit: BCCL

Plastic ban

Companies using plastic in packaging -- shampoo bottles, cosmetics bottles, polythene bags, face masks, coffee cups, trash bags, food packaging etc -- will also have to stop. Currently, most of the discarded plastic is either buried in landfills or directly thrown into the environment.

Credit: BCCL

Punishment will be different in each state

Deciding the punishment after violation is up to the respective state government. For effective enforcement of the ban, the central and state government has set up special enforcement teams to check the illegal manufacture, import, stocking, distribution and sale of single use plastics.

Credit: BCCL


States and Union Territories have been asked to set up border checkpoints to stop the inter-state movement of any banned SUP items.

Credit: BCCL

Violation may even cause jail or fine

The violation of the ban will have punitive action, including a fine or a jail term or both. Each state government has different fines and penalties.

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Zero tolerance

The Delhi government has warned of strict action including closure of units against manufacturers, distributors and suppliers if they fail to comply with zero inventory.

Credit: BCCL

Government earns a lot from plastic fines

Since 2018, the BMC has earned ₹5.53 crore in fines against use of plastics. According to government data, India generates around 2.4 lakh tonnes of SUP per annum.

Credit: BCCL

Shopping alternative

As an alternative for grocery shopping, one can replace it with cloth bags or jute bags.

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Other alternatives

Further, plastic straws can be replaced with stainless steel straws, plastic coffee/tea stirrers can be switched with bamboo stirrers, plastic cups with glass or ceramic, steel instead of plastic for food containers.

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