2 friends explain the moment they knew they should have sex with each other's husbands

2 friends explain the moment they knew they should have sex with each other's husbands
"2 HotWives" podcast hosts Kat and Ams have yet to reveal their real names or faces. Despite loving their community of swingers, they say they fear judgment from the public.Courtesy of 2 HotWives
  • Kat and Ams, who use pseudonyms to host their podcast "2 HotWives," are members of the swingers community, along with their husbands.
  • They met two years ago, and quickly realized they found something special, they told Insider.

Kat and Ams, hosts of the "2 HotWives" podcast, aren't your average best friends.

In addition to sharing gossip and going on double-dates with their husbands, the duo has sex with each others' partners.

The hosts, who use fake names on the podcast to conceal their identities, joined the swingers community four years ago after they separately decided to spice up their 15-year marriages.

"It was life-changing. It made our marriages better. It made our sex lives incredibly better. It helped me realize, for the first time in my life, what it was like to be an individual sexual being, as opposed to just part of a couple," Ams told Insider.

Two years into their parallel journeys of swinging, or having sex with another person's partner, Kat and Ams went on their first four-way date together. They haven't looked back since, and continue to date and have sex with each other's husbands. In 2021, the two couples attended a swingers' cruise, called Bliss Oasis, together.


When a first date became a 2-day hang, they knew they'd found something special

After extending their first date because Kat, Ams, and both of their husbands got along so well, Kat said they were surprised by the instant chemistry.

According to Ams, it's uncommon for two swinger couples to mesh so well right away.

"Sometimes, there'll be a connection with one husband and a wife, and the others just don't feel it. Sometimes, the women don't get along. Despite an attraction on either side, it's just never going to work, or the guys have nothing to say to each other," said Ams.

When Kat and Ams met for a first double-date, then, they were shocked at how quickly they, and their husbands, got along.

"The next day we went to an art show and just spent the day together. I don't think we had ever done that with another couple where you just end up hanging out as friends," Kat told Insider.


After that date, Kat and Ams developed a full-fledged friendship and started "2 HotWives" together to chronicle the experiences they had together and apart. They still have sex with each other's husbands, plus other couples they meet, said Ams.

She added that the most rewarding part of their relationship is the family they've created.

"The community swinging represents is amazing. They're our friends. They're the people we hang out with on a regular basis. Their kids hang out with our kids," Ams said. "We do regular things. Most of the time, it's not all about sex."