6 crucial questions about AstraZeneca's vaccine

6 crucial questions about AstraZeneca's vaccine
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Happy day-before-Thanksgiving! It's seeming like a pretty good time to log off and relax. For those looking for some holiday specific content, I was reminiscing this morning on some of my classic early BI stories. They include such gems as: how to have a (nutritionally) healthy Thanksgiving without sacrificing the good stuff, and how big turkeys are today compared to a few decades ago.

If you're more in the mood for a serving of healthcare news, I've got you covered there too.

Today: 6 unanswered questions about AstraZeneca and Oxford's shot, funding for healthcare startups could stall out in the last few weeks of the year, and a guide to how to interpret vaccine efficacy.


6 crucial unanswered questions about AstraZeneca's coronavirus vaccine results

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6 crucial questions about AstraZeneca's vaccine
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2020 has been a record fundraising year for healthcare startups, but a new report cautions that funding could stall in the last few weeks

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How to interpret the 'efficacy' rates of coronavirus vaccines

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