A fifth of Indians feel sleepy at work, future worries keep ‘em awake

Mar 27, 2023

By: Rounak Jain

Sleep quality declines in 2023

A survey by mattress maker Wakefit has outlined a fall in the sleep quality of Indians in 2023, despite the sleeping habits of people seeing an improvement.

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Worried about their future

Banking crisis? Recession? Layoffs? A lot seems to be on people’s minds as they go to bed. The survey said 38 percent of people wake up late as they are worried about their future.

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More people feel sleepy at work

The number of people feeling sleepy at work has increased by 21 percent in 2023, which could have an impact on their work quality and productivity.

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Teenagers are worried, too

The survey says 40 percent teenagers, and 56 percent of 25–34-year-olds are worried about their future.

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Nine in ten people don’t experience disturbance-free sleep

The survey says 90 percent of people wake up at least one to two times at night, which leads to a disturbed sleep.

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Nearly nine in ten people use phones before bedtime

Using phones at bedtime is another factor that can lead to disturbed sleep, and the survey says 87 percent of people indulge in this habit.

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One in three respondents think they have insomnia

More women than men think they have insomnia, at 24 percent versus 22 percent in men. Overall, one in three respondents think they have the disease that doesn’t allow them to sleep.

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Sleeping habits see an improvement

People who sleep after 11 pm have declined by 16 percent, while those who sleep before 10 pm have increased by 38 percent. Still, 54 percent men and 59 percent women go to bed after 11 pm.

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Binge watching sees a decline

Binge watching has seen a considerable decline – according to the survey, binge watching has fallen by 40 percent amongst women and 33 percent amongst men.

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