Here's why Indians are searching on Google for how to make coronavirus vaccines at home

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  • With the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging several parts of the country, Indians have grown restless and are searching for how to make coronavirus vaccine at home.
  • As a result of this, several rumours and fake news are being spread on social media and WhatsApp, misleading people and being potentially harmful.
  • Home remedies against coronavirus have also gone viral on social media, misleading people into believing that they are a cure or prevent COVID-19.
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The COVID-19 pandemic is ravaging several parts of India after the nationwide lockdown was partially lifted in June. The fear around the pandemic is increasing and with no proven vaccine readily available, people are now looking to make the COVID-19 vaccine at home.

Over the past few days, the searches for how to make COVID-19 vaccine at home have been off the charts.


The lack of a cure for COVID-19 has also allowed pranksters and scammers to capitalize on the people’s fears by pedding fake cures and recipes, spreading rumors and fake news on social media, including things like COVID-19 vaccine being ready, or that tuberculosis vaccine can prevent coronavirus, and more.

Why are Indians searching for how to make coronavirus vaccine at home

The continuous rise in COVID-19 cases has caused panic amongst people, causing anxiety and a rush to clinics and hospitals.


In some cases, these remedies are being touted as a coronavirus vaccine, misleading people into believing that a cure for COVID-19 has been found. The most prominent case is that of Ramdev’s Patanjali, which touted that its Coronil and Swasari products were cure for coronavirus, and not just immunity boosters.

Soon after, an FIR was lodged against the company and it had to retract its claims.

Home remedies against coronavirus go viral on social media


Due to the absence of a coronavirus vaccine and the existing panic amongst people, home remedies against coronavirus have gone viral on social media and WhatsApp.

Ayurvedic recipes involving spices like ginger, clove, black pepper, caraway (ajwain) have become popular. However, these home remedies might not be effective against the infection, or even boost immunity, according to a fact-check by IFCN-accredited fact-checker Alt News.

Why does it take so long to develop a vaccine?


Vaccine development takes a long time as there are several stages involved in testing and getting the vaccine approved by government regulators. Kiran Mazumdar, founder, Biocon, and Dr. Ramanan Laxminarayan, founder and director of Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics and Policy explain how it takes a long time to make a vaccine and it is not something that you can make at home.


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