See the top power players influencing healthcare today, from Google execs to biotech VCs

See the top power players influencing healthcare today, from Google execs to biotech VCs
Dr. Isaac Kinde, the head of research and innovation and a cofounder of Thrive; Dr. Asima Ahmad, Carrot Fertility's cofounder and chief medical officer; Harpreet Singh Rai, Oura's CEO; and Deena Shakir, a partner at Lux Capital.Thrive; Carrot Fertility; Oura; Deena Shakir; Samantha Lee/Insider
  • Dozens of investors and executives continuously shape US healthcare.
  • We track the most important people in the industry, from new founders to legendary VCs.

Millions of people work in the US healthcare industry — but a select few have more power and influence than most.

These executives, founders, and investors decide everything from how care gets delivered to how much it costs. While some are always in the spotlight, others work behind the scenes.

We keep tabs on all the power players to check in on what they've done and see what they're up to next.

Insider rounded up all the major lists about the people you should know in healthcare.

The newest leaders in healthcare

Every year, Insider rounds up the top new young leaders who are changing healthcare in our 30 Under 40 list. These doctors, scientists, executives, and founders — all under the age of 40 — are part of a new generation transforming healthcare.


Recent members of the list include the digital-health entrepreneurs who founded Truepill, which works with companies including Hims and GoodRx to ship medications to people's doors.

Another nominee was the founder of Wheel, a job board for telemedicine physicians that exploded in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Other people from this year's list include the chief medical officer of Ro, the health insurer Anthem's chief strategy officer, and more.

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The digital-health decision-makers

Digital health is booming, with more funding, initial public offerings, and mergers than ever before.

Insider spoke with the top 12 digital-health-focused bankers to get their perspective on a market where deals are always hot.

They said that companies' expanding types of care, new clinical-trial technology, and heightened demand for digital infrastructure were some of the key reasons the digital-health sector is doing so well.

Some of the most powerful people in digital health, however, are behind the scenes.

Insider rounded up the nine people who can make or break a digital-health startup — and you have probably never heard of them. They include senior analysts, exit experts, and regulatory pros who can take a startup from average to superstar status.


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The biotech power players

New developments in vaccine making, gene editing, and other technologies have led to a rapid expansion of the biotech industry.

There were more than 90 biotech IPOs in 2021, with billions of dollars in deals flowing through the sector. At the forefront of these deals are biotech investors who are willing to put big money down on the companies they think will change the future.


Insider analyzed deals to find the top 18 biotech investors who are set to influence the industry for the next several years. Some made a couple of huge bets, while others invested in multiple smaller biotechs. All will have a say in how biotech transforms next year.

Biotech founders are another group making big moves. Twelve serial entrepreneurs, all under the age of 45, have created multiple biotech companies in an effort to start one that soars. They include neuroscience startups, genetic-engineering companies, and many more.

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The top health leaders of big tech

It's not only startups — big retailers and tech companies are increasingly getting involved in American healthcare.

One of the biggest is Google, which unveiled a new health strategy this year.

Previously, Google Health had more than 500 employees. In 2021, Google dismantled its separate healthcare unit and dispersed the people and projects across the company.

Despite this big change, Google hasn't given up on its healthcare efforts. Insider identified 20 leaders within Google who are shaping its direction. They include the company's new health chief, the director of clinical products, the head of healthcare artificial intelligence, and more.

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