The US coronavirus response is a national disgrace

The US coronavirus response is a national disgrace

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"If we stop testing right now, we'd have very few cases, if any." — President Trump on the number of coronavirus cases in the United States, which is once again growing.


Trump is releasing his police-reform proposals. They're much weaker than anything proposed by Democrats or BLM protesters, and focus on police training and a database of misconduct.

A cheap steroid dramatically reduced COVID-19 deaths. British study finds that dexamethasone cut death by a third for patients on ventilators.


Retail sales jumped 17.7% in May. That's more than double what economists expected and is a sign of a more V-shaped recovery.


The US coronavirus response is a national disgrace
President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar in the Oval Office of the White House, Thursday, March 12, 2020, in Washington.AP Photo/Evan Vucci

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  • The US coronavirus response is a disgrace: We're by far the worst in the G7, and our cases are growing while cases in comparable countries are shrinking. The US will be paying our incompetence for years to come.
  • At least there's finally a drug that seems to help.
  • The George Floyd protests aren't one movement. They are five movements, each with a somewhat different goal: one to reform the policy locally; one to do it nationally; one to bring justice to individual victims of police violence; one to topple statues and change names; one to root out systemic racism in workplaces.
  • Fine, dump the SAT. But replace it with a much, much harder test. Harvard and the rest of the Ivy League have abandoned the SAT and ACT for next year. That's a good start, because the tests are pretty useless. But we need a different reform. The best school systems in the world build to a difficult final exam at the end of high school. The US should too.
  • Please don't ruin the Voice of America. Its objective reporting has won it (and the US) a huge amount of hard-earned credibility. The great journalist running it has just resigned, and the Trump administration seems determined to warp it into a Trump propaganda machine.
  • Has Liberty become the most important university in America? Jerry Falwell Jr. has captured Trump's attention and made Liberty the home for Trump-leaning evangelicals. Now a Liberty staffer has won a congressional primary.

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Only 45% of Americans are "extremely proud" to be American.

The US coronavirus response is a national disgrace


That's the lowest level ever measured in a Gallup poll. Only 22% of Democrats are extremely proud, also the lowest level ever measured.

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Trump reportedly mocked his father as he started to suffer from Alzheimer's. That's another revelation from his niece Mary Trump's upcoming book.

A man was shot at a New Mexico rally to remove the statue of a conquistador: A melee broke out between those seeking the statue's removal and a heavily armed "militia" that was counter-protesting.


Eight YouTube creators tell how much money they make from the platform. It ranges from $554 per month to more than $140,000, and it's not directly related to the number of subscribers they have.



15 clever ways restaurants are getting social distancing right. Such as temperature-taking robots.


The US coronavirus response is a national disgrace
Ewold Kooistra/Agora

50 stunning images of the world from above. They're finalists in the #Aerial2020 photo contest. This photo is the winner.

Republican member of Congress with coronavirus refused to wear a mask in the Capitol two weeks ago. Tom Rice and his family came down with COVID-19, which he calls "Wuhan flu."

T-Mobile customers experienced outages on Monday because of a "voice and data issue." It was resolved early Tuesday morning.


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