The Wuhan coronavirus has officially spread to every single region in China

The Wuhan coronavirus has officially spread to every single region in China
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The deadly coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China, has officially spread to every region of the country.


Cases of the Wuhan coronavirus, officially called 2019 n-CoV, have been confirmed in all 34 of China's major regions, after the National Health Committee (NHC) said Thursday that a person in the southwestern frontier region of Tibet had contracted the disease.

There are now a total of 7,711 confirmed cases on the Chinese mainland, with 10 in Hong Kong, seven in Macau, and eight in Taiwan.

A total of 170 people have died from the virus as of Thursday, as the death toll continues to climb every day.

The map below, produced by Johns Hopkins University, shows China, with each red dot representing an area that has reported cases of the virus. The larger the red circle, the greater the number of cases:


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The virus, which originated in the central city of Wuhan in early December, has spread rapidly in the past few weeks.

There are confirmed cases in Qinghai, Xinjiang, and Tibet, the three most remote regions in the country.

The coronavirus had remained largely in Wuhan, its province Hubei, and other surrounding provinces in central China. Of the confirmed cases of the virus, more than 4,500 - or around 60% - are in Hubei province.

But it has spread rapidly over the past two weeks thanks partly to the mass travel carried out by millions of citizens in the run-up to the Lunar New Year, which took place last Saturday.

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On Wednesday, the NHC confirmed that the number of cases of the Wuhan coronavirus in mainland China officially eclipsed the number of SARS cases during its 2002-2003 outbreak.


The number of SARS cases on the mainland topped out at 5,327. However, there were close to 8,100 cases of SARS globally during the epidemic.

China is taking aggressive measures to try to prevent the virus from spreading, including quarantining Wuhan and many other cities in Hubei province, and seeking to build two new hospitals in Wuhan in under a week.