Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin to take another tourist flight to space: Here’s all you need to know

Nov 24, 2021

By: Shadab Rabbani

The crew

The flight will carry six people including two honorary guests and four paying customers.

Credit: Blue-Origin

Honorary Guests

The honorary guests include former New York Giants star Michael Strahan and rocket namesake Alan Shepard’s daughter Laura Shepard Churchley.

Credit: Blue-Origin

Paying guests

The paying customers include Voyager Space CEO Dylan Taylor; Dick Holdings managing member Evan Dick; and the father and child duo of Lane Bess and Cameron Bess.

Credit: Blue-Origin

Historic Trip

For the first time, a parent-child duo will make the trip to space together. Lane Bess, the founder of Bess Adventures will be with his son, Cameron Bess, who is a content creator, on this trip.

Credit: YouTube-Screengrab


The launch for Blue Origin’s next flight is set for December 9 from West Texas.

Credit: Blue-Origin


Blue Origin is flying the six passengers on its New Shepard reusable rocket and capsule.

Credit: Blue-Origin

Third flight

This will be Blue Origin’s third human spaceflight, and also the third this year. The previous two flights only had four passengers with the first one carrying founder Jeff Bezos.

Credit: Blue-Origin

The trip

The passengers fly to the edge of space, experience weightlessness and views of Earth, before landing in the West Texas desert. The whole trip lasts about 11 minutes.

Credit: Blue-Origin

Cost of tickets

While Blue Origin has declined to provide a price tag for the tickets. However, on one of its previous trips, a seat was auctioned for as much as $28 million.

Credit: Blue-Origin

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