2021 in space — Space tourism kicks off, leaky toilet, film shooting, and more

Dec 14, 2021

By: Marcia Sekhose

2021 in space

2021 was a big year for space with some exciting events like space tourism, Russia sending a film crew to space, growing peppers in space, and more. Here’s a look at some of the highlights in space this year.

Credit: Unsplash

Chilli peppers grown in space

Astronauts aboard the ISS grew peppers in space for the first time ever and even enjoyed some tacos with the vegetables.

Credit: NASA

International Space Station scare

The International Space Station suddenly rolled backwards by 540 degrees on July 29. It took astronauts 47 minutes to bring the ISS back to its original position.

Credit: NASA

Chinese rocket’s uncontrolled reentry into Earth

China’s Long March 5B rocket made an uncontrolled reentry into Earth with fear of the object hitting populated areas. After days of searching, the rocket was found in the Indian Ocean.

Credit: Wikimedia-Commons

Russia's anti-satellite test

Russia conducted an anti-satellite weapon test that created around 1,500 large and potentially harmful space objects. It was dangerous for the ISS as it had to move out of the path of an object.

Credit: NASA

Leaky Crew Dragon toilet

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spaceship had a leaky toilet situation when urine was prevented from entering the storage and spilled beneath the floor.

Credit: SpaceX

First film crew in space

Russia made history by sending the first film crew to space to shoot scenes for the movie titled Vyzov. A total of 12 days were spent shooting in space.

Credit: Roscosmos/NASA

Space tourism

Richard Branson and his space tourism compact Virgin Galactic kicked off space tourism this year shortly followed by fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos.

Credit: Virgin-Galactic

Oldest man in space

William Shatner a.k.a Captain Kirk became the oldest man to fly to space at the age of 90. Shatner was part of Jeff Bezos owned Blue Origin’s space tourism flight.

Credit: Blue-Origin

Billionaires in space

2021 also marked the year for the first billionaires to enter space, and this includes Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos.

Credit: Virgin-Galactic

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